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The best way to restore your hair and hairline is natural hair transplantation. In this technique, individual hair follicles move from a part of head to bald part. The skin blood flow causes these transplanted follicles grow naturally.

a- FIT method

This method is based on punch-graft extraction of hair, by which the grafts of hair are moved from the back of the head (posterior scalp) to the parts of the head that suffering from hair loss. In this method the extraction and transplantation need 3-4 sessions of 8 hours.

b- FUT method

One of the hair transplantation methods in the world is FUT method. This method maximizes hair transplant growth because most of the grafts of hair preserves intact. FUT method takes 6-8 hours and the extraction and transplantation happens in a single session. It is not needed to cut your hair in this method.

c- Mixed method (FIT and FUT are integrated)

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