cryotherapy to cure cellulits

Cryotherapy is one of the newest and most advanced non-invasive ways to remove fat cells in the area. These fat cells (adipose tissue) are so sensitive to subzero temperature; so, it destroys fat cell without damaging other tissues.

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  • Ambassador: Iran-Serbia trade exchange doubled

    Belgrade, March 21, IRNA – Iranian envoy to Belgrade referred to bilateral relations between Iran and Serbia in the last Iranian calendar year, saying the trade exchange volume experienced two-fold growth compared with the same period last year.

  • US defense budget points to vaulting ambitions from ‘America First’ to ‘Military First’

    Tehran, March 20, IRNA/Global Times - Spending on defense accounts for about $750 billion out of a total budget outlay of $4.6 trillion proposed recently by US President Donald Trump. Apart from related expenses allocated to agencies such as the US Department of Energy, the Pentagon will get $720 billion in this budget - an increase of around $3.3 billion over fiscal year 2019.

  • Iran ‘rolls out red carpet’ for investors

    Tehran, March 20, IRNA/Global Times - Iran is ready to carry out full cooperation with China under the Belt and Road Initiative (B&R), Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Farhad Dejpasand said in an exclusive interview with Global Times, adding that high-level Iranian delegates will attend the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) next month in Beijing.

  • Zarif: Iranians not to let others decide on their fate

    Tehran, March 20, IRNA - Iranian foreign minister in a message released on the occasion of Nationalization of Iranian Oil Industry Day said Iranians will never permit others decide on their fate.

  • Veep: Iran oil nationalization new horizon in Iran national development

    Tehran, March 20, IRNA – Iranian First Vice President said Nationalization of the Iranian oil industry Day with the efforts made by Mohammad Mosaddegh has opened a new horizon in Iran’s national development.

  • Iran’s CBI registers STFI mechanism

    Tehran, March 20, IRNA - Governor of Central Bank of Iran Abdolnaser Hemmati announced on Wednesday that the mechanism similar to the [European] channel introduced by the E3 has been registered in Tehran called STFI in the last working day of the Iranian calendar year.

  • MP describes INSTEX president's Iran visit constructive

    Tehran, March 19, IRNA – A senior Iranian lawmaker on Tuesday described the visit of the President of the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) to Iran as constructive.

  • China to create special credit line for imports from Iran

    Beijing, March 19, IRNA – China is scheduled to create a special line of credit for exports of Iranian products to the country, according to Iran’s Minister of Economy Farhad Dejpasand.

  • Iran outpaces Qatar in gas exploitation from shared field

    Tehran, March 19, IRNA – Few days left to Iran’s Oil Nationalization Day, the country’s gas recovery from South Pars Field, shared with Qatar, exceeded that of the neighboring country for the first ever time.

  • Iran registers INSTEX mirror company for trade with Europe

    Tehran, March 19, IRNA - Iran registers a mirror company for the European special payment channel INSTEX two days before the New Persian Year that will start this Thursday.


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